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Introducing OpenSign™: The Open Source Revolution in Digital Signatures

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

“Bringing Trust, Transparency and ensuring Security of Digital Transactions”

In a world that is already digital and expanding faster than ever before, the need for reliable, secure and transparent digital signature software has never been greater. Today we are excited to announce the launch of OpenSign™ – a game-changing open source project that promises to transform the way individuals and businesses secure their digital transactions.

OpenSign was born out of a very simple vision – to create a digital signature tool that everyone can trust and use for free. In an age where digital security is of utmost importance OpenSign™ offers a robust solution which is both transparent and adaptable to the needs of various users be it an individual or a small business or a large enterprise.

Why we opted for Open Source?

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of community-driven development of software. By making OpenSign™ open source we are inviting developers from across the world to contribute to a platform that stands for openness, security and privacy. This collaborative approach of moving ahead ensures continuous improvement of the platform and built-in innovation because of the involvement of community, making OpenSign™ not just a product but a constantly evolving standard.

Features and Benefits of OpenSign™:

  • Security You Can Trust: OpenSign™ is built with focus on security, using the latest cryptographic techniques to ensure that every signature is verifiable and legally binding in most of the regions of the world.

  • Open to All: Whether you are an established enterprise, a startup or even an independent professional, OpenSign™ is designed to be accessible and user friendly for all.

  • Total Control: With OpenSign™ you have full control over your document e-signing processes without relying on third party software that can be opaque or restrictive at times.

  • Community and Support: Gain access to a supportive community of thousands of developers and users who believe in our vision and are ready to help you integrate OpenSign into your workflow. We have presence on Github, Discord, Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin.

How Does OpenSign Work?

OpenSign™ comes as a React+NodeJS+Mongo app that can either be deployed locally or on cloud using Docker or you can opt for a hosted solution for a small monthly fee. You can read more on the official OpenSign™ website or visit the official OpenSign™ Github repository. It allows for quick implementation of e-signatures into PDFs ensuring that your documents are legally binding.

Features at a Glance

  • Secure PDF E-Signing: With the help of Robust encryption algorithms, OpenSign™ ensures maximum security, privacy & compatibility.

  • Annotate Documents: OpenSign™ allows you to annotate PDF documents with an advanced signing pad that comes with hand drawn signatures support as well as uploaded images & saved signatures for the simplest signing experience.

  • User-Friendly Interface: OpenSign™ was built while keeping Intuitive design in mind for ease of use. Features like “Sign yourself”, “One click signatures” and “OpenSign Drive” makes it stand out of the crowd and even makes it better than a lot of so-called industry leaders.

  • Multi-signer Support: OpenSign’s ability to invite multiple signers for signing along with the ability to invite witnesses & being able to enforce signing in a sequence makes it the only open source solution that is fully loaded and allows it to compete head-to-head with established players.

  • SMS & Email Unique Code(OTP) verification support for guest signers: With OpenSign™, your documents are fully secure even when being signed by guest users. Guest signers can only sign the document after entering a unique code sent to their email address. Note: SMS feature is currently available for limited number of countries.

  • “Expiring Docs” & “Rejection” support: You can set documents to expire after certain number of days after which nobody will be able to sign it. Not just this, OpenSign also allows signers to reject signing a document.

  • Beautiful email templates: All document signing invitations, completion notifications & reminders are formatted using great looking email templates.

  • PDF Template Creation: OpenSign™ allows you to create and store PDF document templates for repeated use thereby saving you a lot of time.

  • OpenSign™ Drive: It is a centralised secure vault for your signed documents that makes storing, signing, organizing, sharing & achieving your docs a breeze.

  • Audit Trails: Being a security focused solution, OpenSign™ makes it a top priority to save detailed logs for tracking document activities along with IP addresses, email IDs & phone numbers. A completion certificate is generated as soon as document is completed which contains all the document related logs for added safety.

  • API Support: OpenSign™ API allows seamless integration into existing systems and software. APIs will soon be available as a cloud hosted solution.

  • Integrations: Seamless integrations with various Cloud storage systems, CRMs & enterprise platforms is a must and OpenSign™ delivers on this front as well.

Our mission extends well beyond the code & the product. We are building a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the future of open-source technology. By joining the OpenSign community, you will not only get access to the software but also become a part of a movement that values collaboration, innovation, openness and freedom at its core.

The journey of OpenSign™ is just beginning right now. As we continue to build and improve the product, we invite you to be a part of our journey and help make OpenSign™ the world’s number one Document Signing Platform. Please suggest features, report issues and provide feedback to help us shape the future of OpenSign™. With your support we can ensure that OpenSign™ remains at the forefront of digital signature technology for decades to come.

With OpenSign™, your support and the collective brilliance of the vibrant open-source community we aspire to set a new standard for digital signatures. A standard that speaks of community-driven innovation, reliability and the spirit of the future. Welcome to OpenSign™ — The free & open source alternative to DocuSign.

Stay Connected: Follow us on GitHub, join our community discussion discord server or visit our official website to stay updated on the latest developments and become a part of our growing ecosystem.

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