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OpenSign v1.5.0 introduces new features including custom email templates, revoke document functionality & white-labeling features

We are excited to announce the release of OpenSign v1.5.0. This update brings a host of new features and improvements to enhance your experience. The new features in this version are broken down as follows:

What's New

Major features

1. The digital signature on completion certificate

Your completion certificate is now digitally signed. With this fantastic feature of OpenSign, you can give your documents an additional degree of authenticity and security.

To add a digital signature to your completion certificate you don't need to take any extra steps. Once all signers have signed the document, the digital signature will be automatically attached to the completion certificate.

OpenSign Completion certificate
Digital signature completion certificate

2. Improved security for download links

The download links for signed pdf files will expire after a few minutes. OpenSign's this new safeguard ensures that your documents are secure and only available to authorized users for download. This means, even if a malicious user tries to copy the download link to your confidential document & publish it in a public forum, you are safe as the link will expire in a few minutes.

3. Custom email templates

OpenSign brings a new feature that gives you a more personalized communication experience; now users can apply customized templates for request signature emails. By enabling document owners to create and send emails that exactly suit their own requirements and preferences, it helps to improve overall communication with their recipients.

Customize Email

4. 'Revoke' button in In-progress report

In the 'In-progress' report, we have added a revoke button. This feature allows you to easily decline or revoke documents, this feature giving you a better control over document workflows.

5. Add recipient button in Request signatures flow

We've introduced an "Add recipient" button in the request signature flow, to make it easier to add new signers to the document. This helps you quickly add new signers even while editing a document if you miss a signer at the time of creating the document.

6. Delete and Share buttons in reports

The addition of delete buttons in all reports and share buttons in the in-progress report enhances document management capabilities. You can click the share button available in the 'In-progress' report to quickly get a shareable link that can be sent to any signer over the communication medium of your choice.

Share and delete

7. Custom domain & App Logo for Enterprise plan users

You can now display your own customized app logo from the console app for further branding and customization. In the console application under the preferences you can set your own sub domain and your logo. Note that the feature is available only to the subscribers of OpenSign Enterprise.

Usage Analytics
Open source digital signatures with custom domain & branding

8. Enhanced User Profile

User profiles now include fields for company and job title, allowing for more detailed info. This information is automatically fetched when creating documents, so you don't have to type it every time.

This addressed a major pain-point of the users of not being able to change the company name or job title if they miss-spelled it during sign-up.

9. Tour Messages

Enhancing user experience with tour messages in our application, in our continuous effort to improve user experience and make our application more user-friendly, this new feature is designed to guide users through various functionalities of the application, ensuring they can make the most out of our platform. We have made major improvements to the tour messages in v1.5.0 of OpenSign.

10. API enhancements

The open APIs now supports all widget types, expanding the functionality and flexibility of the platform. This means you can create & sign documents as advanced as those in OpenSign from within your own application even without needing to log in to OpenSign via APIs.

11. Usage Analytics

The new functionality allows you to save and fetch usage analytics, giving you insights into how the app is being utilized. Some of the metrics available are Documents signed, Emails sent, Templates count, etc.

usage analytics

Future Enhancements

We are committed to continuously improving OpenSign based on user feedback and make it the world's best Open-Source document e-signature tool. The addition of above features is just the beginning, we plan to regularly update and enhance the platform aiming to revolutionize the way the world signs documents.

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